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Presentation evening confirmed for Friday 11th May at the Reigate Manor. 

Tickets �26 per head, please get deposit of at least �5 to Mick Nicholls a.s.a.p.

Also Tour to Glasgow bank holiday weekend 25th may, 18 already confirmed, get 30

quid to flute a.s.a.p. if you still want to go.


Here is the only piece of silverware that N.F.C. won

last season; The Sportsmanship Cup

Email from Baz 19.02.01 :-

hi lads hope you are ok and not playing footie to badly without me, am in
Pushkar at the moment just 6 hours in the hands of a crazy man who calls
himself a coach driver, he must of missed more cows, cars, trucks than I care
to count. anyway got here ok Pushkar is very peaceful compared with
Delhi, Jaipur, lots of little shops selling everything your mother throw away as
soon as the 60s were dead. went on a camel trek for three days in the desert
very hot nothing for miles then suddenly you come across a little village
about 4-5 tiny huts lots of goats (flute would be alright there) cows and
lots of kids, still you have to find something to do on the cold nights. well
am after all of to Goa meeting a mate there in 8 days time and wont to get
there to get some work done on my tan the only thing is that I've got to get
a coach for the first leg, not happy. well lads take care will e-mail you all
in a couple of weeks up the Chelsea and b******s to the man'u.

put it in!!!!!


Email from Baz:    03.02.2001

hi people well I'm still alive and doing well me and diesel got to Delhi
about 1-30am Friday morning 7-30pm England went through customs and was told
are bags didn't come through from Germany, b******s!!! well u can just picture
my face did I laugh well I'll leave that for u to figure out. so two days in
the same socks the same top a sweat top let me add the same trousers I smell
lovely let me tell u, got are bags back about an hour ago my god was it nice
to change my stuff, well Delhi is ok a bit rough and ready but not to bad the
food diesel tells me is ok but he was on the toilet for about 45mins last
night when we got in I was a bit on the sod that I'm having a pizza so was
ok, well boys and girls will go now I'm of to Agra on Tuesday- Wednesday so
will let u know how my first train trip goes, ding ding mind the gap.
take care and please write back.

Bazza xxxxxxx

Email from Baz:   09.03.2001

Hi all am now sunning myself on the lovely beach in Colva in Goa palm tree's as far as the eye can see, not a cloud in the sky fresh fish to eat in the evening and a nice clean cheap hotel to stay in life just gets better and better. Have been here for about 8 days have about another 10-12 days to go till I have to head down to a place called Trivandrum to get my flight to Sri Lanker looking forward to getting there not a lot more to add hope you are all ok I hope Nutfield fc are on a winning streak please god!!!!!!! stranger things have happened are Chelsea top of the league yet or still in second well people have to be of as the sea has my name all over it it's a hard life, write soon and can someone give Gus a slap for me, many thanks. Take care all will write soon.

Barry xxxx